The Devil Wears Prada Paper Cut

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movie! I love all the clothes in the movie, especially Andy's. 6 years has passed but the great style never die!


Dewey Cox Schilitz Beer Ad

The work is inspired by "Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story".
The movie is really funny. Even though it was an assignment, it became one of my favorite movies.
We were asked to design something that will be posted on Dewey's memory wall.
I felt that Dewey would act as a Schilitz Beer prolocutor back in 60s, so I made this ad.

Fashion Illustration


Fish and shark-3D motion final

First time doing 3D motion. It's not easy to tell a story within 15 secs, but it was fun making it.


Pirates and their pets

After weeks of basic drawing practices, we tried to design some characters on our own.
The assignment was "pirates and reptiles".


Illustration for Motion-Hitachi AC Commercial

Most of my family members work for Hitachi AC department, so I grew up with their Ads and products. When the assignment was assigned, I decided to make a commercial for Hitachi.

In my story, the world came to the end and exploded. Cities were all destroyed. Long time past, trees grew out of the destroyed city, and roaches came out. The roach stopped on a concrete wall; suddenly, somebody kicked the wall and the wall fell apart. The aliens came! They explored the rooms that human beings used to live, and they found an AC. They wondered what that was, and hit the bottom. Cool air flew out of the AC, it still worked!!!!

Style Frames:


Illustration for ipad

Ipad has created a brand new way of reading for the users. We are able to rotate it around to see the interactive image/text. So in this project, I did editorial illustrations for the purpose of rotating.
The article I chose to do is The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brain by Nicholas Carr. You can read the article by clicking the link below.